Drop Out! EP

by Matt Potako

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Drop Out! Do it!

A finals week themed compilation of songs I've been sitting on. I threw this together in an evening of intense procrastination


released May 3, 2012

- Matt Potako, Kyle Bogue, Jay Johnson



all rights reserved


Matt Potako State College, Pennsylvania

I love holidays and hate school. If you do too, you might like my music.

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Track Name: Cool Guy
I don’t know
What I want
To do now
But I know
Its gonna be
Very cool
Cause im a coool

I don’t care about anything
Cause im a cooool

Sitting in class
Kind of board
Staring at pat
Hes a whore
Im unprepared f
or my presentatin
But I know
Its gonna be real cool
Cause im a coooool guy
I don’t care about anything
Cause im a coooool

Laying in bed
Just chillin out
Not thinking about
All te shit
That I goota do
That I don’t wanna do
But I know
Its gonna be real cool

Cause im a cool guy

Chilling on facebook
5000 friends
youtube for
5 hours or more
I tweet all day
People read and say
That im a cool guy
Just kidding I don’t tweet cause im a cool guy

My mom
Said I
Was a
Cool Guy
Track Name: Class? (demo)
Class? or no class?

No Class!
Track Name: Afternoon Nap
I woke up so early today.
Now all I can think about is lay…
Ing in my own bed,
Resting my head,
Lay there until I fall asleep.

But wait!

I can do this I feel so awake,
I’ll do some work exercise and make…
Ah, who am I lying to?
I know just what I’m gonna do,
I’m gonna lay in my bed and sleep.
(Sleep Sleep Sleep!)

Cause I’m layin in my bed looking at the blue sky,
Laid back,
Chillin and nothing’s really going on now,
Afternoon Nap.

I don’t know how long I’ll be
(maybe 1, 2, or 3)
I’ve got the whole afternoon to sleep
(to recharge my battery)
And I know it’s gonna feel good
(So good!)
So fucking good
(Fucking good!)
I can’t wait to get in my bed and sleep
(Sleep Sleep Sleep!)

There are so many things on my mind.
(So many thing on his mind)
The only thing I want to do is unwind,
(he’s so twisted up inside)
And I’m pretty sure I know how
(Know how!)
Something I can do right now
(Fuckin now!)
I’m gonna lay in my bed and sleep!
(Sleep Sleep Sleep…)

(nightmare interlude)

How is it dark out, set my alarm for
An hour
I missed the sunset, I must have overslept, I’m
Late for class

Laying in bed still tired as ever,
Roll over
Fuck class I’d rather study my pillow
Afternoon Nap!
Afternoon Nap
Afternoon Nap!
Track Name: Happy Thursday
Happy Thursday!
Track Name: Drop Out!
I’ve learn all I need
To live on the fringe
Of society

That’s why I think I’m gonna Drop Out!
I think I’m gonna Drop Out!
I think I’m gonna Drop Out!
I think I’m gonna Drop Out!

I know where I wanna be
And it won’t help having a degree
4 year years of my youth
spent under this oppressive roof

School’s hindering me
from discovering this reality
And I can’t keep getting by
Living this life as such a lie

I’m cheating myself
Staying on this path to excessive wealth
If there’s one thing I need
It’s to prove that I am free

Sittin in class
Getting all depressed
Gotta get moving
With what I’m doing
In my head there’s music
And it is what I’m choosing

That’s why I think I’m gonna Drop Out!
Track Name: It's Summer (demo)
I'm layin' in bed,
got nothing to do.

My friends are all gone,
and my phone won't even work.

I've got a few cokes in the fridge,
and something I won't mention in a box in the corner of my closet.

My GPA is as solid as a rock,
a falling rock.

I don't even remember last night,
nor do I remember last week....

Fuck yeah it's Summer!

I've got
nothing to do in the mornin',
nothing to do in the afternoon,
nothing to do in the evening,
Then I'm gonna get fucked up and party till I die

Cause it's Summer!
Cause it's Summer!
Cause it's Summer!
Cause it's Summer!
Track Name: Cool Guy 9002